After being caught up in all of the madness of Pebble Beach car week, we made it back to my and found an interesting release from a new company named “Drako Motors”. The company’s head honcho, Dean Drako, has quite the background in networking and cyber security, but his new venture had us intrigued.

Drako’s new technology is named “Drako DriveOS” and claims to be the secret behind a properly fast Nurburgring effort (7:49 according to the docs) with Finnish racing driver Markus Palttala at the wheel of a vehicle known as the Electric RaceAbout, a street-legal technology demonstration vehicle designed and built by the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. You can check out the video here.

“The Drako DriveOS acts in a natural way to remove many of the vices inherent in a vehicle’s chassis,” Markus Palttala said. “It allows me to select the best line and make small corrections and adjustments without having to be concerned about oversteer or understeer. It’s an incredible technology.”

According to the release, Drako DriveOS is a high performance, single VCU (vehicle control unit) operating system with four wheel torque vectoring. It’s able to all four wheels independently with proactive millisecond acceleration and deceleration, delivering a level of drivability, corner control, performance and safety that is not possible with conventional drivetrains.

Four wheel electric power isn’t a new idea; Mercedes tested it in their SLS Electric Drive back in 2013, but Drako DriveOS operates the vehicle on one single ECU, making it sound far less complicated than most modern vehicles equipped with more computers than the space station.


“The Drako DriveOS dramatically improves electric sports car performance and control during cornering, while delivering unrivaled stability and traction during adverse environmental conditions,” said Dean Drako, president & CEO of Drako Motors. “Our technology platform takes electric vehicles to a new level in performance, handling and safety.”

Is software really the key to pushing electric cars into the next chapter? We’re not sure, but one thing we’re happy to see is that there are people out there beyond the OEs, trying something new and developing them at what most would consider Mecca for petrolheads. You can learn more about the team at Drako and see some diagrams about how the tech works at